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JAR - Javascript Application Redirector - (updated 2007-07-29)

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Goal : protecting user from phishing mirrored content
Installed by : business lines

This script should be copied in a ".js" file and called either in the main Web page, or in all pages.
It's a very simple script which aims at redirecting Web users in 2 cases:
 •  when a phishing site is using a basic Man-in-the-Middle
 •  when the malicious phisher did not take enough time to verify crawled web files

My opinion: it is very easy to insert this "JAR" code, into your Web pages, but this mechanism is also very easy to bypass!

var address=""; // Put here your real address location

var loc=document.location.href;

function location_ok(){
 if (loc.substring(0,address.length)==address){
  return true;
 else return false;

function redirect(){

if (!location_ok()) {